May Featured Speakers

Today we held a live auction which raised 865.00 for one of our members Kasi Fisher who is doing a 3 day walk to raise money for Breast Cancer. Our members also brought in small food items for the Kids of the King program.  The food will be given to underprivileged children during the summer months when they are not getting the hot meals from the school lunches.

Our first speaker after our auction was Susan Zumbado. Susan represents Air Reliant Heating and Air Conditioning service and repair. Susan spoke of how important is is to have your system check on an annual basis to help maintain the systems efficiency and check for any problems. With the summer months approaching it is also important to make sure the system’s air filter is change regularly providing a healthier environment and easier cooling for your home. Air Reliant offers not only service and repairs, but also  does installation, comfort control systems, inspections for home buying or selling, air filtration systems humidification and tankless water heaters. Need a compnay you can trust? Give Air Reliant a call.

Business Phone: 770-635-7041

Email:                                                                                                                           Susan Zumbado







Our second speaker of the month was Clarissa Zumwalt with Maximum One Atlanta Realtors. Clarissa does a great job every month keeping the members informed about the current housing market. This month homes sales were actually up in the Cobb County area. The housing market seems to be on the upswing as there are less foreclosures happening right now and the homes that were foreclosed on are beginning to sell.

Looking to buy or sell a home? Give Clarissa a call.

C: 770-845-8268