August Featured Speaker

Kim Scofi, of United Military Care, spoke to our group today. United Military Care is a 501(c)3 nonprofit serving military families and veterans throughout Georgia through emergency and supportive programs, including but not limited to emergency food, winter utility assistance, clothing, shoes, assistance locating benefits, forms, and more.Military Care is a 501(c)3 nonprofit serving military families and […]

July Featured Speaker

Marie Fratoni spoke to our group this month. Marie’s business is How to Get Clients Everywhere.  Marie is a Registered Corporate Coach, RCC, popular speaker, and she truly enjoys  helping business owners double or triple their income.

June Featured Speaker

Rashawda Salley with Every woman Works was the speaker for this month. Every Woman Works, Inc. Professional Job Readiness Center is changing the lives of  women in metro Atlanta. Each day, the Center empowers, educates, and presents employment opportunities to women struggling with poverty, homelessness, alcoholism, drug abuse, domestic violence, extended unemployment, and rebuilding their […]