Christine Powers


Christine Powers, Sharing the Powers,

Christine was born in Canada, raised in the United States, became a US citizen at 18 and currently resides in the Atlanta area.  As a President & CEO for 30+ years of a multi-million-dollar motivational marketing company she has an extensive background in the incentive and service award industry and continues to work as a consultant in that arena.   Christine currently holds a leadership position in Xpereince Connections, a National Women’s Networking Organization and values the relationships that have blossomed from this position.

Living with an entrepreneurial spirit she understands the mindset of putting everything into your business including your assets.  She also understands firsthand how devastating it can be to experience a financial reversal due to the rise and fall of the economy and being at a place in life where it is difficult to rebuild for retirement in a traditional manor.  Christine began searching for a strategy to build a retirement fund in a relatively short period of time and is passionate about sharing with others.

​Outside of the office she enjoys spending time with her family, friends, furry friends, exploring her creativity, cooking and growing in my faith.