Susan Guthrie

Susan is a Wellness and Nutritional Cleanse Consultant with Isagenix International   12246916_10154338429184867_6065269054634719145_n                 and Nikken.

The Wellness Network uses natural technologies and products to help you Create a Wellness Environment in your Body, Home, Office, and Car to help you achieve optimum health.

ISAGENIX is the World Leader in Whole body Nutritional Cleansing. We have solutions to transform lives in the area of Weight Loss, Energy and Performance, Youthful Aging and Wealth Creation. Change drive by food to whole food, organic nutrition from Isagenix and feel the benefits of Cleansing; Lose unwanted weight, Build lean muscle, Beautify the skin, Eliminate Unhealthy Cravings, Create Abundant Energy, Remove Toxins, Improve sleep and Feel Amazing.

From NIKKEN we recommend Magnetic, Far Infrared, and PiMag Alkaline Water technologies that help improve your Sleep, Air Quality, Water Quality, Fitness, and Nutrition.

To try a free trial of any of the Wellness Products please contact

SUSAN GUTHRIE AT (C) 404-402-9168