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MuttButs – We’re a little bit crazy and a whole lotta fun!                                                                 Tricia Riedi & Margi-cropped

What’s a MuttBut?  Do you have a mixed breed dog?  Have you been asked what breed they are and are a bit stumped?  That’s how I came up with MuttButs!  Your dog may be a Mutt, But they’re [fill in the best description for your dog].  For instance, one of Riedi and Margi’s motto’s is: I might be a Mutt, But I’m 100% Spoiled!

MuttButs was started to talk about my mutts, Riedi & Margi, and share stories of their mishaps, fun times and just plain silliness. I also throw in some information and tips that I’ve learned over the years.

I’m a Pet Solutions Specialist with Dezi & Roo, offering solution based pet products.  I often blog about Dezi & Roo products and include videos of them in action with my MuttButs!

Dezi & Roo was founded by veterinarian Dr. Lynn Bahr and every product we offer has been thoroughly researched, reviewed and vetted by Dr. Bahr and our Pet Solutions Consultants.

As our pets have moved from primarily outdoor animals to indoor members of our family, there are issues that can arise from this change in lifestyle.  We offer unique problem-solving products that focus on these issues to make sure our pets are the happiest and healthiest they can be!

I offer in home parties, Facebook parties, catalog parties, workshops and more.  Contact me today to schedule your Pet Appreciation Party!

Tricia Clements

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