July Featured Speakers

The Alison Agency

Our first speaker this month was Kelly Cochran with The Alison Agency. The Alison Agency is an entertainment and event services company. They specialize in all sorts of entertainment, tent rentals, balloon decor and many other event planning services for private and corporate events. Kelly is the second owner of the agency which she purchased in 2006 after the first owner, whom Kelly worked under for eight years passed away in late 2005.

Kelly explained the benefits of calling an Agency vs. looking for the services yourself. The benefits are:

*The Agency knows the best performers*knows what is available and attainable in the industry* the agency has been to see the performers perform and have already auditioned them* the consumer can get multiple performers/other event needs with one company* the agency takes the stress of planning away from you* they are insured* the agency can make suggestions and give input because of the many events they have attended and planned for other clients* they will fit the best performer/service professional to the event.

Kelly stated that the personal goals of her company are to provide a memorable experience to the client, provide great services at competitive prices, and to execute the performers/services in a professional and timely manner. Please give The Alison Agency a call should you need any entertainment or any other party planning services.

The Alison Agency



The Alison Agency




Our second speaker today was Cindy Sheets with Liberty Mutual Insurance. Cindy expressed that her goal as an insurance agent is to provide her client with the appropriate insurance coverage so that should a misfortune occur, her client has enough coverage. Unfortunately in her business, when Cindy gets a call, it is usually because someone has had an accident, has passed away, or there is damage to their home. Cindy is